6 Expert B2B Instagram Tips for 2021

If you are looking for some great Instagram tips for your B2B brand, then you are on the right page.  B2B marketers have started leveraging social media platforms for their business expansion and have realized the growth they have experienced.  They tend to believe in fact that not all platforms are best suited for all […]

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Ecommerce Businesses Grow?

Social media marketing offers incredible benefits to ecommerce marketers. Want to learn how to use it to reach your prospects & grow your business? Here’s how. An effective marketing strategy hinges mostly on the ability to be where your customers are, which is what social media offers. Most people use social media today with the number growing […]

Must Have Social Media Tools for Solopreneurs

Running a one-person show isn’t easy, but fortunately, there are plenty of social media tools available for entrepreneurs who love flying solo.  If you don’t have a team to back you up when things get busy, these tools will make running your social media accounts easier and more efficient.  Check out these awesome tools you […]

3 Types of Social Media Influencers (And Why Are They Important In 2020)

Influencer marketing has taken over traditional marketing in terms of its effectiveness.  People make purchase decisions based on recommendations of anyone having a positive influence on them. The psychology that supports this consumer behavior lies in the “sense of belongingness”. This feeling comes after they adopt the choices of the people they trust. In this article, I […]

Social Media Promotion vs. SEO Which Is Better

Marketing approaches and philosophies have continued to shift over time to remain relevant to the masses. Technology in recent decades has played a vital role in bringing a lot of changes to companies and businesses worldwide, resulting in new viable marketing efforts.  From billboards to magazines and from newspapers to television, we are now currently living […]

How to Build a Good Social Media Marketing Strategy

In recent years, more and more brands are turning to social media for marketing purposes. Indeed, social media marketing has proven to be very effective towards many goals; lead generation, increasing brand awareness and loyalty, and so forth. However, there are also many pitfalls for the unsuspecting and unprepared. Loose and unrefined strategies can have a very poor return on investment (ROI), and […]

Tame Social Media to earn Benefits for Your Business

Social media is the new way of communicating, connecting, and interacting with your prospective customers. There are over 14 billion active profiles across the top social media networks. Yeah, that’s a huge potential audience for your business.  But it’s challenging to manage multiple social media accounts and reel in the unique benefits of each platform. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use Social Networks for Advertising

The benefits of social media are nearly endless, but when it comes to social media advertising, social networks are a truly great channel for businesses of all kinds to advertise.  Here are the top ten reasons to use social networks for advertising. 1. Your Customers are on Social Media Platforms Perhaps the most important reason […]

Tips for Creating an Instagram Stories Content Plan

Instagram Stories have become one of the most powerful ways for brands to reach their target audience. With 500 million users using Instagram Stories every day, more businesses are taking advantage of this form of real-time content. Posting Stories on Instagram increases brand awareness. Research from the photo and video sharing platform shows that one-third of the most-viewed Stories […]