Beyond COVID, Digital Marketing Leads the Pack

A February survey (here) of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) with experience across both Fortune 500 and emerging brands shows the strong trend toward digital advertising will continue, with 80% of CMOs expecting to increase digital spending in 2020. A few weeks later Covid-19 hit and digital became even more of an influence. Social distancing and […]

How Small Businesses Can Holistically Manage Their Reputation

Through various digital platforms, users can share their views and opinions on any business or brand. Online reputation management—monitoring the digital platforms for both positive and negative mentions—becomes essential for a small business. However, managing your digital reputation requires more than passively responding to comments and reviews. Many businesses monitor their reputations online, but are […]

5 Easy Ways to Improve your Marketing Project Management

Marketing and project management should always go hand in hand. If you are thinking of different ways to market your products and services, you also need to find methods to improve your marketing project management. Here are simple ways to help improve your marketing project management. 1. Project Overview and Transparency Although not everything in […]

Digital Marketing in 2020 and the Mistakes that can Ruin Campaigns

We are at the very start of a brand new decade for digital marketing and it is shaping to be a spectacular one. However, as always, there are mistakes to avoid in the pursuit of excellence. Read on to find out exactly how to do that and how to make 2020 your best year yet […]

Influencer Marketing: Tips for Working with Opinion Leaders

When running your business online, working with opinion leaders is a crucial part of your success. Due to the popularity and significance of social media platforms, the people that have created a following for themselves can also play a significant role in marketing your brand. Social media influencers can help you reach your target audience […]

7 Types of Stories that Marketers and Brands Should Use for Advertising

Now more than ever, people may strive to invest in a brand’s story. With that, storytelling can be an essential advertising strategy to help promote your product or services. Applying the principles of storytelling to your business, such as speaking with emotion and weaving a tale with words may leave your readers with a lasting […]

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Website

Today, having a company website is as crucial as having a shop, office or telephone number. Research has found that 6/10 customers expect brands to have content online about their business. Why wait any longer your customers are looking for you! If you own or operate a business which hasn’t taken that step into the […]

How Symbols Can Strengthen Your Company’s Brand Identity

From cave walls to hieroglyphics to the printed word as we know it today, symbols are a powerful way to communicate concepts at a glance. This is true not only in popular culture but also when it comes to business, marketing, and branding. Symbols offer a powerful and effective way for companies to communicate their […]

How to Deal with B2B Demand Generation Myths to Improve your Strategy

As a B2B marketing discipline designed to create interest in products and services, Demand generation is indeed a complex strategy. Obviously, great sales pipeline opportunities and revenue are its positive outcome. Most demand marketers consider the lead quality an ideal key metric as a player in this realm, whereas many do it for the sake […]