A brand that stands
out from the crowd

In a hugely competitive and crowded industry, standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. To cut through the noise, zwhost needed to be able to connect with different audiences and different demographics directly and clearly through all their digital channels. 

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Art Direction

The Challenge

zwhost required a contemporary and engaging website that included brand design elements that reflected their ambitions and personality. The website needed to effectively present their investment case and showcase the company’s unique character. Our team worked closely with zwhost to create a cohesive brand identity and design a website that effectively communicated the company’s message and values to potential customers.

It was also important for visitors to easily grasp the companies story while being able to discover details on its famed packages and services.

Our Approach

Brand Central worked closely with zwhost to introduce its products and services. We modernized the site experience by letting the services speak for themselves, and stripped away ostentatious language for relatable storytelling that connected to site visitors through their senses.

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