Artificial Intelligence: Future of Digital Marketing

It is widely expected that AI will greatly impact the business world in the coming years. McKinsey’s research indicates that sales and digital marketing are the areas where it will have the most significant economic impact. This means that marketers who do not adopt AI are missing out on what is likely the most transformative […]

How to Design an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is a kind of web page that a customer can land on. Still, in marketing, it’s usually a standalone page that serves a single and focused goal, separate from your homepage. A landing page serves like a follow-up to any promises made in your content. It’s essentially the next step in the […]

Better B2B: Four Fundamentals for Persuasive B2B Design

Great design brings a consumer into contact with the core of a brand. A company’s mission, belief, and philosophy can be felt through the visual cues and the digital architecture of an online experience. Text size and tone, local image use, color choice–these elements can be as or more powerful in creating consumer motivations than […]

5 Tips On Building a Great “About Us” Page

Not everyone blindly buys every product they come across. Unless you have an obscene amount of disposable income, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. People will go through the specifications, find reviews, research the product, and learn about the company that sells them. SEO-wise, About Us pages are among the most […]

What Causes the Bounce Rate on Your Website?

A website’s bounce rate is calculated by dividing the total of one-page sessions by the total of page visits. 41-55 percent is average, anything over 70% becomes disappointing, except for blogs and news websites. And if yours is going below this, there are some serious problems that you need to fix. So without any further ado, […]

The Key Relation Between UX Design and Website Traffic

Millions of websites are operating on the Internet as of now. Do you fear that your brand’s website might not be noticed among the crowd? Unfortunately, that has been the case for numerous businesses. Many companies either revamped or closed down their entire web presence because of no or low traffic. Not all websites manage […]

Improve the Quality of your Leads with Landing Page Optimisation

You write compelling copy, research keywords, perform A/B testing, invest in paid campaigns, tweak page design, offer free materials and special discounts – all in the hope of transforming your website visitors into qualified leads. However, about 70% to 90% of the time, visitors don’t appreciate your efforts, as that is the average landing page bounce rate, […]

Drop in Website Traffic? 6 Things to Check

If you notice a sudden decline in traffic to your website, there are many factors that could be the cause. Understanding what they are and what you can do to restore traffic – or even improve it – is key to putting your website back on track. Monitoring website traffic is a key analytic. It […]

Simple Fixes for Better Google Ranking

As the biggest search engine on the internet, Google is solely responsible for more than three-quarters of all organic traffic. But all those clicks aren’t distributed equally. Most of them go to the top three results for any given search; websites that land on later pages of results are unlikely to see any visitors. Simply put, […]