4 Instant Tips to Scale Your Online Business

When your business starts flying it will grow quarterly all year round. That is, unless you grow very quickly, you will probably not be able to meet the customer’s needs and expectations or reach the growth phase equally. Planning for future growth is critical to life in e-commerce, right? Today’s business owners must be prepared […]

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Ecommerce Businesses Grow?

Social media marketing offers incredible benefits to ecommerce marketers. Want to learn how to use it to reach your prospects & grow your business? Here’s how. An effective marketing strategy hinges mostly on the ability to be where your customers are, which is what social media offers. Most people use social media today with the number growing […]

The Effective Relationship Between eCommerce and Businesses

Any kind of business transaction that is conducted online is called eCommerce. It is not just confined to the online process of buying and selling. eCommerce is also inclusive of online auctions, the payment gateways as well as internet banking. The importance of eCommerce cannot be emphasized enough for the businesses of today. The significance […]

A Brief History of e-Commerce

Most of us think of e-commerce as the relatively new process of adding a product to a shopping cart and buying something online. But the truth is e-commerce has been around for decades, long before Amazon and eBay, long before shopping carts, even long before the Internet as we know it existed. When was the […]

Powerful Tips for Running a Highly Productive Online Business

One of the most favorite ways to expand and make profits today is by starting a successful online business. For many people, it might be a new venture and could look like a challenge for many, but the data shows that online businesses are the latest trend today. Millions of people have started successful online […]

Understanding Social Commerce and Its Dynamics in Advertising

Social media, a platform created for entertainment and connecting with old friends has become the superweapon of marketers. Although it started as a common online space for meeting people, over time, like-minded people started to create their own community and spoke about their shared interests. This included the products they bought and services they used. […]

7 Ultimate Solutions to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online sellers are facing an abandonment crisis. According to a report from Barilliance, 78% of online shoppers leave a website without checking out, a number that has been increasing over the past five years. The rate is even higher on mobile devices, with nearly 85% of carts left abandoned, a figure that is truly shocking […]

7 E-Commerce Metrics You Should Look at to Improve Your Business

E-commerce is a massive business, and it is only going to continue to grow in the future, which means that you need to get your business online, even if you are running a brick-and-mortar store. The numbers tell the same story. According to Statista, there were 1.66 billion digital buyers in 2017 alone, with the same […]