The Creator Economy – What Fuels It and How to Leverage It

In 2022, the creator economy was valued at over $100 billion, a substantial market share among the 50+ million people worldwide. Furthermore, its growth is just beginning, which is even more impressive. A recent study showed that children aged 8 to 11 would rather become YouTube stars than astronauts, which is surprising but not uncommon. […]

Hands-off Content Creation: How to Leverage UGC On & Off Social Media

One strategic decision could mean the difference between increasing e-commerce sales by 50% year-over-year, or not. And for the British clothing brand Burberry, this was their exact outcome after launching a website called “the Art of the Trench” in 2009. The concept for this site was simple: Provide a space for customers to share photos of themselves […]

5 Step Guide to Creating Impactful Content

Have you ever written the perfect article and had it rejected by the editor for no fathomable reason? Or are you regularly publishing content and are unable to get the audience you desire? You’d be surprised to learn that you aren’t the only one facing this issue. One out of every ten writers struggles with […]

Tips for Writing Web Copy that Resonates with Visitors

Finding time to produce great copy for your website can be challenging. Finishing it can be even harder. Most people find writing website copy takes much longer and is much tougher than they expect. Of course, your web designer might be able to help with this, or you could hire a professional copywriter.  For the […]

Can You Still Make Money Blogging in 2019?

A decade ago, a writer could set up a WordPress site, build an audience, and monetize it any number of ways.  But the web is not the same place it was in 2009. Attention and advertising dollars have moved from blogs to social media networks and YouTube. Instagram celebrities rack up follower counts in the […]

How to Make Your Content Go Viral

Every marketer wants their content to reach as many eyeballs as possible. But with an almost unfathomable amount of content created every minute of every day, how can you make this happen? If your content marketing strategy consists of nothing more than creating the content, applying SEO best practices and hoping for the best, you’re […]

Influencer Marketing: Tips for Working with Opinion Leaders

When running your business online, working with opinion leaders is a crucial part of your success. Due to the popularity and significance of social media platforms, the people that have created a following for themselves can also play a significant role in marketing your brand. Social media influencers can help you reach your target audience […]

Crafting Creative Content – 11 Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Doesn’t it demotivate you when you sit down to check how many shares your latest blog post got and you don’t see a huge number? You worked hard on this one! How can people not be interested in the subject matter you chose? Well, you need to be more acquainted with the problem. The thing […]

How to Use Psychology for Better Content Marketing Results

Too often we speak about content marketing or SEO using dry, machine-generated terms. ROI, engagement, lead generation, lead conversion, traffic sources. Don’t get me wrong, I love numbers too. I love content marketing accountability and being able to prove that my efforts have produced tangible results (read: profit/cash). But when we do this we also lose sight […]

Important Search Engine Optimisation Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Website

There are so many bloggers out there who struggle to get quality, targeted traffic to their websites. However, this is not uncommon because most people do not know how to implement proper SEO strategies to get noticed in the major search engines. In this article, we will break down 4 vital SEO tactics that you should be […]