7 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2023

The influencer marketing industry has continued to increase its market size and revenue. According to Oberlo, the whole industry is worth a whopping 16.4 billion dollars. What an incredible number it is, isn’t it? Highly qualified marketers know: Time does not stand still. All of us have to continue to further educate ourselves on the […]

New Trends For Marketing in 2022: Which Are the Best For Your Business?

Marketing trends can wax and wane, depending on consumer behavior, technological advances, and several other factors. What was working for your business and driving engagement a few years ago may not hit consumers in the same way anymore. Social media has changed the tides for marketing in a big way over the last decade, sending […]

Better B2B: Four Fundamentals for Persuasive B2B Design

Great design brings a consumer into contact with the core of a brand. A company’s mission, belief, and philosophy can be felt through the visual cues and the digital architecture of an online experience. Text size and tone, local image use, color choice–these elements can be as or more powerful in creating consumer motivations than […]

6 Tactics to Increase the Conversion Rate on Newly Built Sites

Standing in an era of constant technological revolution, businesses need to know who to get a lead on and distinguish themselves. Your website is your business card and the source of customer acquisition as well. Whether you operate an escape room in Bangalore or a fashion boutique in NYC, it is essential for every business to optimise […]

7 Major Things Ignored While Planning a Business

Planning a business takes a great deal of care and attention to detail. It is easy to skip a few steps or ignore something significant if you rush to get your business going. Any one of these omissions could turn your business into a failure before it has even started. Here are 7 significant things […]

What Is 5G: Top 5 Facts You Need to Know in 2022

So much of our lives nowadays happen online, be it via social media, online shopping, or simply browsing for information. Very soon, all that is going to get a lot better thanks to the changes in wireless technology. Many well-known carriers have announced that they will be launching 5G. This generation of mobile networks is on […]

4 Instant Tips to Scale Your Online Business

When your business starts flying it will grow quarterly all year round. That is, unless you grow very quickly, you will probably not be able to meet the customer’s needs and expectations or reach the growth phase equally. Planning for future growth is critical to life in e-commerce, right? Today’s business owners must be prepared […]

How to Know When You Should Outsource Your Sales

The world of B2B sales has changed. The strategies that used to work may no longer apply to the modern-day customer.  To penetrate the right market, B2B companies have to make sure they can keep up with the changes and adjust their sales strategies accordingly. What matters is to be able to reach the target […]

Drop in Website Traffic? 6 Things to Check

If you notice a sudden decline in traffic to your website, there are many factors that could be the cause. Understanding what they are and what you can do to restore traffic – or even improve it – is key to putting your website back on track. Monitoring website traffic is a key analytic. It […]